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Change your voice Date: Jan 25th @ 5:20pm EST
The dove saw an owl in the grove and asked: "where are you from, owl?" â€" I used to live in the East, and now I'm going West. So the owl answered, and began to hoot and laugh viciously. The dove asked again: "why did you leave your home and fly to foreign lands?" â€" Because they don't like me in the East because I have a nasty voice." "You should not have left your native land," said the dove. â€" You don't need to change the land, you need to change the voice. In the West, as in the East, they do not tolerate malicious hooting.
Titanic Date: Jan 23rd @ 2:37pm EST

“Titanic” was released in 1997. It was directed, written and produced by James Cameron. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. After this film Leonardo DiCaprio’s stage career soared. Both actors got to be famous all over the world. For a long time “Titanic” was the highest-grossing film of all times.

The film is based on the true story of Titanic, a huge passenger liner which wrecked during its first journey across the Atlantic.

The film tells us a story of two people, Rose and Jack, who fell in love with each other on shipboard. Rose belonged to a high-class society, while Jack was a penniless artist who won his ticket in a card game.

Their troubles began when others found out about this love affair. Despite everyone and everything Rose and Jack stood by each other and resisted obeying the rules and boundaries of class differentiation. Unfortunately, we will never know whether this beautiful love story would have the happy end as Jack died during the wreck of the Titanic. Rose survived. At the end of the film we realize that she will keep these feelings in her heart. And she did. She carried them through the rest of her life.

To my mind, “Titanic” is one of those films after which no one will remain indifferent. During the film we follow the story of two people, feeling for them. We don’t give up hope for the happy end, which was never meant to happen. The film impresses us to a great extent and we keep reflecting upon it afterwards. After this film one can think a lot about happiness, love, tragic coincidence and destiny’s predetermination.

Window Date: Jan 22nd @ 4:45pm EST
They were in the hospital, in a room alone,
Two seriously ill people.
One lay at the window, and the other -
At the door where there was no light.
One kept looking out the window,
The other one is just to paint the door,
And the one at the door wanted to know,
Pro-life behind a window another.
With alacrity the first patient told,
What can he see from the window:
"There's a quiet river, a plank pier,
And a cat walks along the shore.
Clouds float across the blue sky,
Bizarre as animals.
There are two fishermen sitting on the pier,
And an old woman walks with her grandson."
That's about the fairy forest,
that's about lovers.
The other neighbor no longer even there,
Considering himself deprived.
He was tormented by anger, and envy grew,
It is gradually being eaten.
He could not understand why there was such a thing.
This is an injustice.
One day a neighbor at the window got sick,
That I didn't have the strength to straighten up.
He began to choke and could not even
You can't reach your button.
At the door a neighbor could press a button
And call a nurse,
But he didn't press it and lay there,
Closing his eyes hard.
The next morning the nurse came,
Change the bed for the deceased.
The neighbor asked, and she helped,
Take this very bed.
When did he finally look out the window,
A vein in her neck twitched.
He saw instead of what he wanted,
A blank high wall.
He was shocked and told his sister
About a quiet clean river,
About the fairy-tale forest, about the plank pier,
And the sky in curly lambs.
"If only he could see! - said
sister. "He was blind all his life."
"Why then?.."there's a patient here
"He tried to comfort you."
Envy and lemons Date: Jan 21st @ 3:22pm EST
My wife sent me to the store to buy lemons. Well, the flu, you know. And said-buy large, but not rotten, as usual. Well, I went to the tray with lemons, sorting through. All crooked, rotten, thick-skinned.
I look out of the corner of my eye: on the right is another tray, and in it another man shurudit lemons. And his lemons are large, ripe, delicious. Well, I think right now the man will leave â€" I will immediately dial lemons on the right.
So, for the sake of appearance, I sort through the fruit, and I look askance at the man â€" I wait for him to finally take what he needs and fall off.
And he, the brute, picks and picks. He waited for five minutes â€" and what he didn't like, and that, even though he had lemons, as a selection. Well I could not stand it â€" turn to him to say what I think about it, and the right ... a mirror.
A Nice Cup of Tea Date: Jan 21st @ 2:24am EST
That was Miss Binnie Hale, singing a song called â€~A Nice Cup of Tea’, which she recorded 70 years ago, in 1941.

We British love tea. We drink more tea per head of population than any other country in the world, except for Ireland. If you go to the Tea Council website, you will see a counter at the top of the page which shows how many cups of tea we have drunk so far today. By the end of the day, the counter will reach 165 million â€" that is three cups of tea per person per day. Coffee has become more popular in Britain in recent years, but even today we drink more than twice as much tea as coffee.

However, tea drinking is not an old tradition in Britain. We made our first cup of tea sometime in the middle of the 17th century. We found that we liked it, that it refreshed us and made us strong and happy, and we have continued drinking tea ever since. In the 19th century, tea became popular among working-class people, and it has remained the favourite drink of ordinary British people ever since. And it is well-known that the Queen likes a nice cup of tea, as well.

Tea drinking has a much longer history in China, where people have drunk tea for thousands of years. But British tea is not pale and delicate like tea in China. It has a rich brown colour and a strong taste. Nearly everyone in Britain puts milk in their tea, and about a third of people add sugar to make the tea sweet. (Yukk! I cannot stand tea with sugar!) It is well known that no-one outside Britain knows how to make tea properly.

When we British go on holiday in, for example, France or Spain, and we ask for a cup of tea in a hotel or cafe, the waiter brings us a cup of lukewarm water and a tea bag on the end of a piece of string. This is wrong, completely wrong, and in the interests of international harmony and understanding I shall now explain how to make a nice cup of tea, British style.

First, you put some water in a kettle and put it on the stove to boil. When it is nearly boiling, you pour a small amount of the hot water into a tea-pot, and swill it round, and pour it out again. This warms the tea pot. Then you put tea or tea bags into the tea pot. How much tea? Well, my mother used to say that you should put in one teabag for each person, plus one for the pot. So, if you are making tea for two people, you should put three teabags into the pot.

Then you pour boiling water onto the tea, and let the tea stand for about three minutes. If you have milk in your tea, put the milk in the cup first and pour the tea onto the milk, not the other way round. After you have poured the tea, and offered sugar to those strange people who like sweet tea, you should pour some more boiling water into the tea pot. Why? Because the one thing which is nicer than a nice cup of tea is another nice cup of tea.

We use the word “nice” all the time in spoken English. “It’s nice weather today. Did you have a nice time on holiday? It was so nice of you to come and visit us. Did you meet Jane’s mother? She is such a nice person. Please sit down. I’ll make us a nice cup of tea.”

In fact, “nice” is probably the most overused word in the English language. We use it so much that it has become almost meaningless. It is a good idea to find other words to use instead of “nice”, if you can.

Did you notice something else about the song at the beginning of the podcast? I am talking about the names of different meals. “At half past eleven, my idea of heaven is a nice cup of tea,” sings Binnie. We have a special word in English for a snack in the middle of the morning, which you will hear sometimes, though it is now a bit old-fashioned â€" â€~elevenses’, because of course we have our snack at about eleven o’clock.

After elevenses, Binnie has her next cup of tea with her dinner. Until perhaps 30 years ago, most working people in Britain had their main meal in the middle of the day. They called it “dinner”, and many older people still do. Later in the day, people had a light meal at five or six o’clock and they called it “tea”. And, like Binnie, they had a cup of tea with their tea!

Today, most people have a light meal in the middle of the day â€" perhaps a sandwich and an apple, which they eat at their desk in the office. We call this meal “lunch”. People eat their main meal of the day in the evening, when they get home from work, and they call this meal “supper”. “Dinner” nowadays means a formal evening meal for a special occasion, where we dress up in smart clothes, and have nice food and wine and candles!

So, a lot has changed since Binnie Hale recorded her song seventy years ago. But a nice cup of tea is still a nice cup of tea! I am going to make one now.

A Parable About Poverty and Wealt Date: Jan 20th @ 1:40pm EST

Once upon a time Poverty and Wealth came up to a man.- Which of us is more attractive? â€" They started to ask.
The man got scared and started to think â€~If I tell that Poverty is more attractive, Wealth may get angry and go away. And if I tell that Wealth is more attractive than Poverty will be angry and curse me.’ After all he found what to say:

â€" While you are standing like that I can’t find the solution. You should walk.

So Poverty and Wealth began walking around. The man looked at them and said:

â€" You, Poverty, look great from the back while walking away. And you, Wealth, look fine in the moment of coming.
Art Date: Jan 19th @ 4:34pm EST
What is art?
Art is a way to show one’s emotions or communicate one’s thoughts. Art is an important part of society. There are different forms of art.


Painting is a practice of applying paint or color to a surface. There are a lot of genres and styles.

There are a lot of famous artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci with his Mona Lisa and Raphael with his Sistine Madonna.


Sculpture is the branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions.

Sculptors originally used carving (the removal of material) and modelling (the addition of material), in stone, metal, ceramics, wood and other materials but, since Modernism, there has been an almost complete freedom of materials and process.


Theatre is a form of art where a group of people performs in front of a live audience. The performance is usually based on a real or imagined event.

The performers communicate this experience to the public through gestures, songs and words.


Music has always been an important part of society.

Music is performed with a vast range of instruments and vocal techniques ranging from singing to rapping.


Architecture is the art that provides us the physical environment we live in.

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures.

About life Date: Jan 17th @ 5:47pm EST
On that day, as if on purpose, each visitor asked the teacher only one thing: what will happen after death? The teacher only laughed and said nothing.
Then the students asked why he kept evading the answer all the time.
- Have you noticed that the afterlife is interested in those who do not know what to do with this one? They need another life that lasts forever â€" " the teacher replied.
"And yet, is there life after death, or not?" one of the students persisted.
"Whether there is life BEFORE death is the question," replied the master.
Macaroons Date: Jan 16th @ 1:35pm EST
What is it a strange word? Macaroon. It seems that it has appeared recently and belongs to these modern words. But it is not true.

The macaroon is a soft cake of rounded shape that people have tasted since the middle Ages. It has from 3 to 5 cm in diameter. The macaroon recipe varies by the cook’s skills. Professionals cook more complicated recipes, but housewives can try to cook light variant of them.

Indeed, the preparation and cooking of macaroons is difficult even for professionals. To make a traditional macaroon, you need almond powder, icing sugar, sugar and egg whites. The amount of almond is equal to the amount of icing sugar.

The macaroon has different flavors and colors. Generally, the pink macaroon is made with strawberry or raspberry. The beige macaroon has vanilla flavor. The brown macaroon is made of chocolate or coffee. The yellow macaroon is made with lemon.

Recently it has been cooked a special macaroon which has two flavors. The â€~body’ and the â€~heart’ are different. For example, pear-orange and cherry-apple macaroons are very popular.
English as an international language Date: Jan 15th @ 1:04pm EST
English is the native language for more than 300 million people on our earth. But nowadays it is widely used not only in those countries where it is a first language. A lot of countries (such as China, Russia, Thailand and many others) have recognized the importance of this language recently as an international means of communication. English is taught in all schools and colleges there. In Russia itself English is gathering pace as a popular second language.

There are also some countries (such as India, Singapore, Pakistan, the Philippines and some African countries) where English is an official second language and it is often used in mass media, courts, parliaments and universities.

Today English is used almost everywhere. It is the language of banking and industry, computers and trade, technology and science. English as an international language helps people of different nationalities from around the world discuss politics or arrange business meetings. For example, German and Italian businessmen can choose English as their mutual language of communication.

More and more people from non-English speaking countries start learning the language and using it in their daily life, business and travelling. Tourism development has contributed much to English becoming the universal means of communication. However some linguists hold the opinion that the globalization of English as an international language can be quite harmful for the language itself because foreign speakers greatly influence its grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
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